Sunday, January 31

D'you remember (part I) featuring: Bongwater

A couple of tracks from the 1990's album 'Power of Pussy' by New York band Bongwater.Pretty much one of those perfect albums with plenty of sex, surrealism, wit, breathy voiceovers and good melodies.

Bongwater-Chicken Pussy

Bongwater-Nick Cave Dolls

Thursday, January 28

Dreamy (part II) featuring: Pantha du Prince

Pantha du Prince hails from Germany, he makes mesmerizing subtle minimal techno music.
A song from his new album Black Noise released on Rough Trade on the 8th Feb featuring Noah Lennox from Animal Collective and an older track, Eisbanden from his 2008 album The Bliss. I think Eisbaden must mean ice swimming in german, which is a good way of describing the cool little tingly shocks you feel when listening to his music.

Pantha du Prince ft. Noah Lennox-Stick to my side

Pantha du Prince-Eisbaden

Dreamy (part I) featuring Beach House

One new song, one old from beautiful dream pop duo Beach House.

Beach House-Gila

Beach House-10 Mile Stereo

Outta mi dub basket featuring: Don Carlos

I first came across Don Carlos' 'Late night blues' on the John Peel Fabric mix cd some time ago and I couldn't believe the beauty that my ears were hearing. It is one of my favourite songs of all time, I can listen to it on a loop forever.
Don Carlos was one of the founding members of Black Uhuru, back in 1974 and he's enjoyed a long and successful solo career as one of the mellowest voices in reggae since. 'Living in the city' is taken from a compilation album called the Firehouse Clash together with Junior Reid,another titan of Roots Raggae and also a member of Black Uhuru. Enjoy!

Don Carlos-Late night Blues

Don Carlos-Living in the city

A la vache! (j'aime bien les francais) (part I)

Two gorgeous songs curtesy of French bands Noir Desir and Louise Attaque.
There's something about the french isn't there? Sure, they can bang on for ages about how you haven't cooked the ratatouille just right, but you don't care, because you find yourself thinking how beautiful they sound even if you've stopped listening to the actual words a long time ago.
Gordon Gano from Violent Femmes produced some of Louise Attaque's albums.

Noir Desire-Le vent nous portera

Louise Attaque-La Valse

Wednesday, January 27

Late Night

Who doesn't like Bruce Springsteen? He is the only one from your mum's album collection you would! Move over Julio.
This is a very sexy re-work.

Bruce Springsteen-I'm on fire(Cousin Cole Bad Desire Mix)