Saturday, December 11

In the Night Air : Jamie Woon

Much like the weather, this tracks sends icy, frosty shivers all over. It's so beautifully put together, calm and eery, making Jamie Woon's Wayfaring Stranger' Burial remix from couple of years ago no longer a unique one hit wonder. Welcome, Jamie.

Jamie Woon-Night Air

Jamie Woon-Night Air (Ramadanman Refix)

Friday, October 15

Thursday, October 14

Wayfaring Stranger

A hauntingly beautiful piece of music of unknown origins recounting a soul's journey through life's toils and hardships to a spiritually better otherworld.

Jamie Woon(Burial Remix)-Wayfaring Stranger

Burl Ives-Wayfaring Stranger

Johnny Cash-Wayfaring Stranger

Jack White-Wayfaring Stranger

Joan Baez-Wayfaring Stranger

Wednesday, September 15

Music Box : Detektivbyrån

Fairytale music that Amelie would listen to from Swedish electronica and folk duo Detektivbyrån (The Detective Agency).
Just like being in a ballerina music box.


Detektivbyrån-Om du Moter Varg

Wednesday, September 8


Majestic use of sound on Virgo's self titled debut album from 1989, out on Chicago's Trax Records. Deep, futuristic,goosebumpy house music. Bookashade's Body language is practically lifted from School Hall.

Virgo-Do you know who you are?

Virgo-School Hall

Virgo-Never want to lose you

Sunday, September 5

Wednesday, September 1

Chill: featuring Mount Kimbie

The debut album from Mount Kimbie, Crooks & Lovers is the perfect study buddy. Mellow and perfectly attuned, the tracks blending beautifully, it's like Yoga in mp3.

Mount Kimbie-Tunnelvision

Mount Kimbie-Ode to Bear

Mount Kimbie-Maybes (track from the Maybes EP)

Tuesday, August 31

Gold: featuring Mazzy Star

Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star has the Midas touch; everything she touches turns to gold. Her latest piece of bling is Massive Attack's 'Paradise Circus' off the Heligoland album.

Massive Attack feat Hope Sandoval-Paradise Circus

Mazzy Star-Ride it on

Massive Attack feat Hope Sandoval-Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Mix)

Soft Samba Sound: featuring Antena

A long time ago, before the XX roamed the earth a species of band called Antena lived in France and produced infinitely listenable bossa-pop.
An unfavourable climate caused their wipe-out after just one album but their dug-up remains have astounded the musicologists of today.

Antena-Noelle a Hawaii

Antena-Camino del Sol

Thursday, August 26

Alors, on danse.

Long absence...makes the ear grow fonder?
I've not posted anything in a while - was studying and then was holidaying. In the European sun, where songs by new Belgian rapper cutie Stromae are system booming everywhere.
Get acquainted with his style of MC Solaaresque rap-pop-rave.
Alors on sort pour oublier tous les problèmes? Alors on danse.

Stromae-Alors on danse

Stromae-Te quiero

Stromae-Jump to it

Sunday, May 30

Comfy: Tunng

Rainy day here in London and I've got my one watt lamp on and a pot of tea and Tunng on the, pull up, how'd you take yours?


Tunng-It breaks

Tunng and Taraf de Haidouks-Homecoming

Tuesday, May 18

Addictions(part II):Alcohol

Well we never learn our lesson, do we? Come 4 am , and when the Search Party for Alcohol turns up half a bottle of Ouzo, a beer can with some cigarette ash in it and that bottle of Tudor Rose wine that has been in the cupboard since you were’re going to MIX aren’t you?

Gogol Bordello-Alcohol

Andrew Sisters-Rum and Coca Cola

Pink Floyd-Paintbox

Amos Milburn-One Scotch,One Bourbon,One Beer

LCD Soundsystem-Drunk Girls

Sunday, May 16

Thursday, May 13

New Mystery Jets

Bit Smarties and Skittles if you ask me, but there you have it, the New Mystery Jets song of their upcoming album Serotonin.

Mystery Jets-Flash a Hungry Smile

Sunday, May 9

Sunday (re) Cover

Tim Buckley's Song to the Siren - that most bewitching of songs, heart wrenchingly performed by the Cocteau Twins as This Mortal Coil and John Frusciante of Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
Heart Stops Here.

This Mortal Coil-Song to the Siren

John Frusciante-Song to the Siren

Tim Buckley-Song to the Siren (original version)

Tuesday, May 4

Don't judge Chicken by its Bucket

Yes, its the wierd KFC dude with the mask from Guns n Roses, but Buckethead is also a first class musician who has charmed his guitar in over 30 solo albums, and nowhere is he more brilliant than on the instrumental masterpiece 'Colma'. Its array of enchanting, darkly ambient electronic guitar melodies is nothing but talent and elegance. You won't even want fries with it.


Buckethead-Lone Sal Bug

Sunday, April 18

Sunday (re) Cover

The Slits' live version of John Holt's 'I've got to get away'. Everything a cover should be - taking the song, adding bit'mo' flour, couple'a'eggs and mixing a whole new dubby, delicious cake you're gonna want to lick the bowl after.

I'm also including the original today ,on the off chance you haven't heard it. (and I'm jealous if you haven't)

The Slits-Man next door

John Holt and the Paragons-I've got to get away

Thursday, April 15

It Band: featuring Cults

You slags! Gone are the days of I've got the album-all the b-sides-the t-shirt-and I've seen them 5 times- band loyalism. Fickle bunch of music adulterers is what we all are.
So here are the next best things, well for the next 4 days anyway. Cults, a duo from NY making perfectly pleasant, perfectly melodious perfect shooy-dooby-pop, with a pinch of the old Shangri Las spice. Well, take them out for Big Mac at least, won't you!

Cults-Go Outside

Cults-The Curse

Wednesday, April 14

Mad (for) Men

Last episode of the Series tonight and I'm in mourning for Mad Men. I'd like to gulp down the whole of the next series now, like a bulimic at a bad hour of the night. As numbness set in, Roy Orbison added a Lynchian lingering mood to the closing scenes.

Roy Orbinson-Shahdaraba

Friday, April 9

Exit (Take a bow, Malcolm McLaren)

Legend bites the dust.

Malcolm McLaren-Buffalo Gals

A couple from his '94 beautiful Paris album, yet another example of his ever nascent creative genious.

Malcolm McLaren-Paris Paris with Catherine Deneauve

Malcolm McLaren-Walking with Satie

R.I.P. x

Thursday, April 8

Digital killed the Radio Star

Have you heard the news on the radio? They're gonna end FM/AM transmissions and we will all have to buy a digital radio because of the new Digital Economy Act. This makes me sad because I love my radio as it is. When I was little, both my grandmas in Romania used to have this big hefty radio that took up an entire table and I remember being fascinated by it; at night when we listened to plays we turned the lights off and the lower part of it would shine green and I imagined there were special little radio people inside it who recreated the plays.It really was magic! I love my radio and it's mine and you can't have it Mr Nasty Government, you've done enough to upset me as it is! Tune off.

Steel Pulse-Rollerskates

Bruce Springsteen-Radio Nowhere

Bongwater-Great Radio

Royal Cash-Radio Activity

Red Dragon Band-Let me be your radio

L C Smith And His Southern Playboys-Radio Boogie

The Selecter-On my radio

Tuesday, April 6

Computer Love

My computer is dying.It keeps switching off for no reason and it's so sad to see its rapid decline. I'm taking care of it like you would for an old person whose days you know are numbered, like how you'd give them cigarettes to smoke even though the doctor strictly forbid it. I even bought special computer wipeys the other day and gently cleaned it, whispering reassurances to its overheated, asthmatic face. Like many people, I too have formed a loving relationship with my computer. We've had times, let me tell you, like that time I 'jokingly' spilt some tea on it but it didn't get mad at me all and forgave me, only to then pay me back by deleting half of my music, ah, the prankster!
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways - One amazing Kraftwerk riff, 3 songs. Hang in there little buddy! It's not your time yet.

Glass Candy-Computer Love

Theophilus London-Computer Love

Kraftwek-Computer Love