Sunday, August 7

Re-thinking: Jamie XX

As if Jamie XX dreamt about Gil Scott-Heron's last album and woke up quickly noting it on a piece of paper before the memory of it all vanished in the morning air.

Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX - I'll take care of you

Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX - I'm new Here

Adele & Jamie XX - Rolling in the Heat (Heatwave Refix)

Saturday, July 23

Da Napoli

'Neomelodici' music from Naples in that strangely-non-Italian Napolitan dialect, soundtrack to the Cammora Mafia ruled desolate tower blocks.

Alessio - Ma si viene stasera

Raffaello-La nostra storia

Tommy Riccio - L'amica di mia moglie

Friday, February 11

sPeCiAl VaLeNtInEs: Mix 1

With love, from me to you - all brimming with emotion. Mwaaaaaaaah!

Special Valentines: Mix 1 (click for download)


1. Ronnie Love - Chills & Fever
2. The Ambassadors - Ain't got the love
3. Third World - Now that we've found love
4. The Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix)
5. Carly Simon - Why (extended version)
6. La Bionda - Listen to my heart
7. Zinja Hlungwani - N'wagezani my love
8. Hype Williams - The Throning
9. Mayer Hawthorne - Green Eyed Love (Clasixx Remix)
10.LL Cool J - I need love
11.Prince - Crazy You

Wednesday, February 2

From the cosmic archive: Tri Atma

If you ever wondered what Kraftwerk and Ravi Shankar would sound like rocking out, and seriously, why would you - then let Tri Atma settle your wonderous hypothetical imagination.
A late 1970s German-Indian band crossing eastern musical elements with western electronic pop. Om Shanti Kraut!

Tri Atma-Yummy Moon

Tri Atma-Blue Caravan

Tri Atma-Naturliche Liebe

Thursday, January 13

L'amore: Daniele Pace

Über charm, the kind that would make you drop all your clothes with a single whisper, courtesy of debonair 70s suave storyteller Daniele Pace.

Daniele Pace -Vaffanculo

Daniele Pace-Orgasmo

Wednesday, January 5

Got it: Nicolas Jaar

Meet the new and very awesome darling of the minimal techno scene, Nicolas Jaar. He's only 19 years old, but his music sounds like its taken decades to perfect - it's incredibly thought out and considerate, with more than a handful of beauty.

Nicolas Jaar-Angles

Nicolas Jaar-Stay in love

Kasper Bjørke- Heaven (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

Nicolas Jaar-Love you gotta lose again