Wednesday, March 31

'Trials of Life': Playlist by Liam Palmer

Much excitement here at GBG HQ for the first contributory playlist, courtesy of Grass House frontman Liam Palmer. Here is his take on the onerous theme of 'Life':

The 7 wonders of the world weren’t build like 200 years ago or whatever, they were crafted much more recently from a perversion and a guitar string, a broken heart and a bitter mind, or just an eyeball in the ether.

1. Firstly: Before the chicken came the egg; we were all conceived in one sense or the other; ‘Dirty Love’ played its part.

Frank Zappa-Dirty Love

2.Secondly; We all look like a ‘dirty marshmallow at first’ and feel ostracized in some way from a world that functioned quite well without us. People have always been scared of what's new and different, and there’s nothing more new or different than a new born child with all its quirks and qualities, for that reason the perfect song for early childhood must be ‘Abominable Snowman in the Market’.

Jonathan Richman-Abominable Snowman

3.Thirdly; Growing up is tough as hell; got to figure out a sustainable diet; ‘Lazerbeans’ and then there’s a lot of knocking down of adolescence, get back up and slip out that frown, it’s better for everyone concerned.

Captain Beefheart-Fallin Ditch

4.Fourthly; Romance... Falling in love for the first time is like learning a foreign language except not as fun, practice as much as you like, but as soon as faced with the reality of it you’ll freeze and get flustered, good times, great memories, no.

Charles Trenet-Romance de Paris

5.Fifthly; Once the novelty of first love has worn off and all that’s left is despondence, you’ll probably find yourself looking for a job and a partner at the same time. For this task you’ll need just the right bullets. Remember: ‘You won't go home with a bunting, If you blow a hundred rounds’.

Tom Waits-Just the right bullets

6.Sixthly; For the rest of your petty existence you’ll be walking on guilded splinters, that’s just the way it goes.

Dr John-Walk on gilded splinters

7. And lastly; this song doesn’t appear to have any representation of life at all...! can’t think of where to apply it what-so-ever, just a totally ace piece of music. Life lessons are one thing but nothing helps like a medicinal effect of a smash hit.

Pastor T.L. Barrett-Like a ship...without a sail

Thank you Mr Palmer for narrating us through the Trials of Life, the pesky thing!
Liam's own music resonates a lot in these songs. His band:

Grass House MySpace

Stuffing (but this time it isn't envelopes)

At some point today, and I think I can pinpoint it exactly to the billionth rupee that I was converting to British pounds from the annual report of an Indian software company that the last drop of 'course I don't mind photocopying your 10,000 page dossier-how do you like your tea' miserable work experience finally filled the cup, tippled it over and smashed it to smithereens.
How do I take my tea? Milk, 2 sugars and anywhere else but HERE.
Fuck it, I'd rather stick some stockings on and stand in a Soho doorway.

Angie Reed-I don't do dirty work, Sucka!

Paul McCartney- Temporary Secretary

Monday, March 29

Heartstrings: featuring Federico Aubele

Take Spanish music, dress it up in black lace stockings and a pair of patent red 7 inch heels and you have Argentinian music.
True to the home of passionate tango, Federico Aubele makes dubby, incredibly sexy music, longing and alluring (into bed).

Federico Aubele-Este Amor

Federico Aubele-Un lugar

Sunday, March 28

Sunday (re) Cover

Best track of the Hot Chip album + Bonnie 'Prince' Billy + 7 min club version
Forget the equation, it's a no brainer.

Hot Chip(Bonnie Prince Billy)-I feel Bonnie

Thursday, March 25

Sounds like (part I)

I was listening to Vampire Weekend the other day and my sister came in the room asking if I was playing Paul Simon.I guess he doesn't mind,imitation really is the best form of flattery.
The kind of songs you would take to meet your parents. Very nice, very polite, would wear a tie and make an effort to talk to grandad.

Vampire Weekend- Diplomat's Son

Paul Simon-Me and Julio down by the schoolyard

Wednesday, March 24

Bad Character (and reprehensible behaviour)

I should be working on an essay to do with the admissibility of a defendant's previous criminal record and bad character in criminal trials but I've made a playlist instead.
Basically, Government changed the law so they could convict more baddies by allowing previously inadmissible evidence to be read out to the jury, chomping away on that golden 'innocent before proven guilty' justice cookie. I've been spending a lot of time lately figuring what constitutes 'bad character' under the Act and I reckon all below would be sweating it in the docks.

Time to Round up the Usual Suspects!

Al Dexter-Pistol Pakin' Momma

The Slits-Shoplifting

Equals-Police on my back

The Mitchell Brothers feat Mike Skinner- Routine Check

Slick Rick-Children's story

Katie Webster-Two Fisted Momma

The Smiths-Sweet and Tender Hooligan

Sunday, March 21

Grass House (they're not stoners)

Charmingly fun, punchy melodies from brand new-hot-spanking London boys Grass House. No more, no less. Only it's more because they're really good. Shh, listen:

Grass House- Cockroach

More Songs!

Definitely playing somewhere trendy near you soon:

Sunday (re) Cover

There are too many beautiful cover songs out there with a direct line to the heart and no better way to appreciate them than with a highly sensitive re-covering Sunday brain.

Devendra Banhart-Don't Look back in Anger (Oasis)

Thursday, March 18

Teamwork (part III)

Cooler than cool Norwegian producer Lindstrøm makes unique space disco interlaced with elegant sexy vocals from Christabelle = Another league.

Lindstrøm and Christabelle- Lovesick

Lindstrøm and Christabelle- High and Low

Lindstrøm and Christabelle-Looking for what

Tuesday, March 16

Easy going: featuring The Menahan Street Band

Funky and easy going kick back music from The Menahan Street Band, also popular with hip hop sampling.
Used in Jay Z's Roc Boys, Kid Cudi's Solo Dolo and 50 Cent's Talking in Codes.

Menahan Street Band-Make the road by walking

Menahan Street Band-The Traitor

Monday, March 8

Teamwork (part II)

Pure country-rock music royalty, collaborations rarely come as gold and silver as this. A match made in music heaven, Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris.
A drunkard once stumbled his way over to me and my friends on the tube, gibberishly pointing to his t-shirt which featured a platinum bob haired singer,demanding to know if we knew who she was, to which my friends replied, duh, Debbie Harry!I proudly identified her as the one and only, most beautiful lady of country Emmylou Harris.I think it's the only time I'll ever be jelaus of a homeless man's clothes! That bum had class.This is for you kindred country music spirit and may you be enjoying your Tudor Rose wine wherever you are!

Gram Parsons and Emmylou- A song for you

Gram Parsons and Emmylou- Love Hurts

Gram Parsons and Emmylou- Return of the Griveous Angel

Saturday, March 6

Heartstrings (part I)

Songs that use your heart as a harp. Watch out for minute 3.15, might hurt.

Art of Noise-Moments in Love

Thursday, March 4

In the Jailhouse now

Y'know, I'm no Daily Mail-eye for an eye-fry 'em-mob gob but all this worry over Jon Venables' safety now that he's back in prison is a little eye rolling.
Oh wait, hold on, let me check again, no...there's none in this pocket, maybe this one, let me see, nope, none here either, guess I've spent all my sympathy on the kid! Shucks.
Still, a bit of jailhouse music therapy for rehabilitation.
Doin' my bit.

Johnny Cash-San Quentin

Memphis Sheiks-In the Jailhouse now

Wanda Jackson-Riot in Cell Block 9

Judy Nylon-Jailhouse Rock (Elvis cover)

Pam Grier-Long Time Woman

Slick Rick-Behind Bars