Sunday, February 28

Late Night (got K?)

Eerily dark and hallucinatory ambient album from 90s acid house un-conventionalists KLF. David Lynch-esque portrayal of a mythical night-time journey through the US south, interlaced with sounds and echoes, trains in the night, thunder, Elvis on the radio, teaspoons clinking against the cup edge, bar glasses shaking in a tremor.Incredibly sensory and emotive, this is the fear and loathing of a drug dreamworld.
Don't turn all the lights off.

The KLF-Madrugada Eterna

The KLF-Elvis on the radio,Steel guitar in my soul

Friday, February 26

"Call me Tweedy" (Mix for the cheated)

Poor Chezza! The hurt of a broken down marriage must be bad enough, but what's worse are those photos of her at the beginning of their relationship where she was a big fat (but happy) Chav that are cropping up everywhere in those morbid glossy mag love timelines.
Step away from the piles of Heats,Nows and Mores and listen to this playlist instead whilst you wash that man out of your hair!
One thing is certain: there's nothing like a 3 minute pop song for a more perfect expression of the self.

First she be hearin' on the grapevine...

Gregory Isaacs-Rumours

That he be a womaniser...

Feist & Gonzales-Shameless Eyes

She be doubtin some signs...

Connie Francis-Lipstick on your collar

The Sex Txt Pest be a cheat all along...

Hank Williams-Your cheatin' heart

Well now, she gon'kill him...

Syren-Somebody come get me

She gon' stop cryin' her heart out,he a good for nothin...

Toni Braxton-He wasn't man enough

He gon' be sorry not her...

13th Floor Elevators-You gonna miss me

On her own but she gon' be fine....

Blur-On my own

Plenty more fish!

France Joli-Gonna get over you

Tuesday, February 23

30 going on 13

Spot the actual 13 year old in this line up of butter wouldn't melt full grown women playing the Little Match Girl with a record deal.
A serious case of wannabe Lolitas but oh so delightful.

Emiliana Torrini-Sunny Road

Anya Marina-Whatever you like (T.I. Cover)

Lisa Mitchell-Neapolitan Dreams

Joanna Newsom-The Book of Right On

Vanessa Paradis-Joe le Taxi

Friday, February 19

Skweee Like You Mean It

Imagine Dubstep having a nightmare, thinking it's stuck in Disneyland on one of those never ending rides with the singing and dancing dolls that everyone goes on cause there's never any ques for them.It wakes up in a sweat, squealing with horror, or rather Skweeeeing with horror to be more pun-precise and there you have it - the button pressing, 'you've reached Level 8' kind of sound, new from Scandinavia - Skweeee.
It's making its way over to London faster than a European student on a weekend bender and a cheap flight, and it's carrying weird and jokey luggage that it's packed itself.
I tried reading up on it, but no fancy research can put it better than your average,crass one line You Tuber :

"Sounds like somebody raped a gameboy"

Enjoy, Skweeeeee!

Eero Johannes-We could be Skweeroes

Randy Barracuda-Skweeee like a Pig

Hudson Mohawke-Fuse

Kotchy-Sing what you want (Rusko's Skweee Remix)

Wednesday, February 17

Monday, February 15

Teamwork (part I)

I once got a 'G' in music. A 'G'. Most teachers would take pity on you, and give you a 'D' if you did bad. Whenever we were put into groups to make music compositions I'd always get the crappy cow bell, or that fish instrument made of wood,you know the one, with the stick that would make the drrrrrrrrrrrrrrring noise, whilst my classmates would be going all Beethoven on the keyboard.
I don't think Ellen Alien or Apparat would have ever got the cowbell. They would have been those kids on the xylophone. The techno Berliners collaborated together in 2006 on the appropriately titled 'Orchestra of Bubbles', fusing together a whole load of experimental ravey fun.

Ellen Alien and Apparat -Do not break

Ellen Alien and Apparat - Jet

Saturday, February 13

His n hers ( part II) (Happy Valentine's)

I'm just worried I'm not going to have enough vases.

I am a big fan of John and Yoko's 'Double Fantasy' 1981 album, it's just so light and refreshing, chockablock with sweet and whimsical love songs, a slice of perfect passion(fruit)soul-ffle.Think what you will of Yoko, but they did make a kick-ass couple.
The album is also tragic in many ways - it's a last love letter from John to Yoko, to his son and to the world. Only three weeks after its release,and hours before his death, John had signed a copy of the album for his murderer.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono- Every man has a woman who loves him

John Lennon-Dear Yoko

Yoko Ono-Yes I'm your angel

Friday, February 12

Exit (Take a bow, Alexander McQueen)

A moment of pure beauty, I've always thought.

Play: featuring Matias Aguayo

Matias Aguayo is a joker. I bet he was one of those fidgety kids when he was small, who'd always be pinching your bum, and breaking pencil cases and stuff. You can tell by listening to his playful album 'Ay Ay Ay', which came out last year on the brilliant Kompakt records, of which he is an essential member . He takes techno music and injects it with some much needed humour, sillyness and fun. It's all one big carnival and seeing Matias hails from Chile, grew up in Cologne and now lives between Buenos Aires and Paris, it's no surprise you can hear all the cultural influences in his trippy, happy music. Ole!

Matias Aguayo-Rolleskate

Matias Aguayo-Ay Shit

Matias Aguayo-Menta Latte

Thursday, February 11

Bye Bye Birdie - Ann Margret

Well ever since Elvis’ would be 75 birthday,I must admit I got a liiiiittle bit obssesed by bingeing on all the programmes shown on I-Player just before going to sleep at night, and I even started dreaming about him and explaining 'MEN' to all those unfortunate to listen by analysing Elvis and his love life.Well anyway, this post is NOT about Evis per se (though more of that to come), it's about his co-star from the film 'Viva Las Vegas', Miss Ann Margret. If you watch Mad Men,you will recognise this clip from the beginning of 'Bye Bye Birdie' where an infuriatingly adorable 'men's girl' Ann Margret sings the title song in a sugarific cutesy way, prompting Peggy Olson to jealously dismiss her as a 25 year old acting 14.
Anyway, here she is being cute as a button, and here is a great track sung with Elvis called 'You're the boss'.

Elvis and Ann Margret -You're the boss

Tuesday, February 9

Smooth: featuring Chris Rea

A couple of husky laidback ballads from 80s suave man Chris Rea.

Chris Rea-Josephine

Chris Rea-On the Beach

Monday, February 8

I dig you (Dirty Space Disco)

An amazing disco track made and released in 1974 by 'Odyssey' believed to be connected with progressive 70's legend Vangelis, and also covered by his mate,greek lethario Demis Roussos, whose photo is provided for your delectation above!
Their names in full:
Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou and Artemios Ventouris Roussos


Demis Roussos-I dig you (Todd Terje House Mix)

Sunday, February 7

Dreamy (part III) featuring: Washed Out

Dreamy bedroom music from Washed Out, try it instead of a Diazepam!

Washed Out-Belong

Washed Out-Feel it all around

Friday, February 5

A continuing love affair : Hot Chip, One Life Stand

Hot Chip is one of those bands I have loved since the very start and I look forward to anything they do with real anticipation. Back when I first heard Down with Prince in 2004 they sounded like nobody else, and just open your ears to what's out there now and you will easily recognise many Hot Chips-isms whether in the subtle electronics or smooth vocal melodies of younger contenders. But they did it first, and they did it best.
I mean, how can you not love them? They even look like lovable cartoons. I feel like gathering them into one of those snow paperweights which you can wind up to play music and wind it up till my arms hurts really bad.
Sure, on first listens this album doesn't seem as strong as the last one, but I reckon it's a grower. And anyway, listen to 'I feel better', and mind it doesn't leap out and grab you by the jugular, pinning you against the wall with its epic orchestra and heart breaking vocals. I've been sequestrated by it ever since.

Hot Chip-I feel better

Hot Chip-We have love

Feelgood (part II) - No ukeleles were hurt

Instrumentals for civilised people. Even that lady in American Beauty with the elevator music can pimp to this.

The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - P.I.M.P

Lady Gaga Orchestra-Pokerface

Lambeth Community Youth Steel Orchestra-Sound of Silence

The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain- Miss Dy-na-mi-tee-hee

Thursday, February 4

Lesbian Bar/Gay Night (gets you some)

"In the first bar they were drinking sips, but in this bar they could shake their hips!"

Jonathan Richman-Lesbian Bar

"Gay Night,It's Alright, Don't be Uptight!"

Fun Lovin Criminals-Bump

Wednesday, February 3

I would (Still Got it Crooners)

Mr Charming, Bryan Ferry delivers a typically elegant and sensuous dialogue for Groove Armada's track 'Shameless' taken from new album Black Light out end of February.

Groove Armada feat. Bryan Ferry -Shameless

Variations in blue

Vibrasphere-Tierra Azul

Gui Boratto-Azzura(It's not the same version)

Tuesday, February 2

Feelgood (part I) featuring: The Steve Miller Band

Despite the fact I don't play any instruments, nor am I blessed with a particularly good singing voice (although I did make it to round 2 of auditions for the National Romanian Children's Radio choir ) I often play the 'If I was a band, what songs would I cover' game. Well, Steve Miller's 'Serenade' would most definately be one.
In fact, I belt it out walking home, (on that last stretch where there's no one on the road but tucked inside houses behind double glazed windows) pretending to be said band, surprising my crowd at the encore with'Serenade' to their adulatory screams and shouts!

The Steve Miller Band-Serenade

And here's 'Abracadabra' too, because I'm in that kind of mood! A-BRA-CA-DA-BRA...I wanna reach out and grab YA!!

The Steve Miller Band-Abracadabra