Sunday, May 30

Comfy: Tunng

Rainy day here in London and I've got my one watt lamp on and a pot of tea and Tunng on the, pull up, how'd you take yours?


Tunng-It breaks

Tunng and Taraf de Haidouks-Homecoming

Tuesday, May 18

Addictions(part II):Alcohol

Well we never learn our lesson, do we? Come 4 am , and when the Search Party for Alcohol turns up half a bottle of Ouzo, a beer can with some cigarette ash in it and that bottle of Tudor Rose wine that has been in the cupboard since you were’re going to MIX aren’t you?

Gogol Bordello-Alcohol

Andrew Sisters-Rum and Coca Cola

Pink Floyd-Paintbox

Amos Milburn-One Scotch,One Bourbon,One Beer

LCD Soundsystem-Drunk Girls

Sunday, May 16

Thursday, May 13

New Mystery Jets

Bit Smarties and Skittles if you ask me, but there you have it, the New Mystery Jets song of their upcoming album Serotonin.

Mystery Jets-Flash a Hungry Smile

Sunday, May 9

Sunday (re) Cover

Tim Buckley's Song to the Siren - that most bewitching of songs, heart wrenchingly performed by the Cocteau Twins as This Mortal Coil and John Frusciante of Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
Heart Stops Here.

This Mortal Coil-Song to the Siren

John Frusciante-Song to the Siren

Tim Buckley-Song to the Siren (original version)

Tuesday, May 4

Don't judge Chicken by its Bucket

Yes, its the wierd KFC dude with the mask from Guns n Roses, but Buckethead is also a first class musician who has charmed his guitar in over 30 solo albums, and nowhere is he more brilliant than on the instrumental masterpiece 'Colma'. Its array of enchanting, darkly ambient electronic guitar melodies is nothing but talent and elegance. You won't even want fries with it.


Buckethead-Lone Sal Bug