Monday, May 24

Wine Yuh Body (feeling hot, hot, hot)

You know its definately Summer when you start getting all faux Jamaican.

Gyptian-Hold Yuh

Shinehead-Jamaican in New York

Vybz Kartel & Spice-Romping Shop

Beenie Man-Dem neva kno seh


  1. OMG.. i hadn't been there for two months .. just when i was thinking yesterday shuffling hardcore on my ipod ' god damit i need new song ' ET VOILA !! EEREE came to save my ears !! .. i just spent two hours on your blog downloading like a motherucker.. ( exams are tmrw ) and i love thinking that next time i'll go out of my house i have these little precious songs on my ipod .. joyness joyness
    oh merci merci mon petit !

  2. I'm so glad!! yupiiie! xx i