Wednesday, April 14

Mad (for) Men

Last episode of the Series tonight and I'm in mourning for Mad Men. I'd like to gulp down the whole of the next series now, like a bulimic at a bad hour of the night. As numbness set in, Roy Orbison added a Lynchian lingering mood to the closing scenes.

Roy Orbinson-Shahdaraba


  1. ahhhh my god it was sooooooo gooddd!!!! It's quite depressing that we now have to wait for the next series; and if the BBC do their cuts who knows who'll be showing it.

    Great great television though :)

  2. Impeccable! The pace was so slow and mysterious all series and then booom!Everything going off in the last episode and we're all left Please Sirs, Can we have some MORE!!! i'm having withdrawal symptoms already