Wednesday, March 31

Stuffing (but this time it isn't envelopes)

At some point today, and I think I can pinpoint it exactly to the billionth rupee that I was converting to British pounds from the annual report of an Indian software company that the last drop of 'course I don't mind photocopying your 10,000 page dossier-how do you like your tea' miserable work experience finally filled the cup, tippled it over and smashed it to smithereens.
How do I take my tea? Milk, 2 sugars and anywhere else but HERE.
Fuck it, I'd rather stick some stockings on and stand in a Soho doorway.

Angie Reed-I don't do dirty work, Sucka!

Paul McCartney- Temporary Secretary

1 comment:

  1. Gee! Geebabygee, what a post. And what an interesting picture. She should be a gymnast, not an intern. Ho Ho!

    Anyway, I've been enjoying P. Mac's Temp Secrectary for sometime now via. Spotify. Which brings me to the purpose of this comment.

    I have an 8 mile cycle ride x 2 each day. I need some music for said ride. As you're an excellent music gatherer & filterer, would you mind making me a Spotify playlist. Im sure your other listeners will appreciate it too. Thanks!

    I'm okay for tea at the moment. Thanks!