Thursday, March 4

In the Jailhouse now

Y'know, I'm no Daily Mail-eye for an eye-fry 'em-mob gob but all this worry over Jon Venables' safety now that he's back in prison is a little eye rolling.
Oh wait, hold on, let me check again, no...there's none in this pocket, maybe this one, let me see, nope, none here either, guess I've spent all my sympathy on the kid! Shucks.
Still, a bit of jailhouse music therapy for rehabilitation.
Doin' my bit.

Johnny Cash-San Quentin

Memphis Sheiks-In the Jailhouse now

Wanda Jackson-Riot in Cell Block 9

Judy Nylon-Jailhouse Rock (Elvis cover)

Pam Grier-Long Time Woman

Slick Rick-Behind Bars

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