Tuesday, April 6

Computer Love

My computer is dying.It keeps switching off for no reason and it's so sad to see its rapid decline. I'm taking care of it like you would for an old person whose days you know are numbered, like how you'd give them cigarettes to smoke even though the doctor strictly forbid it. I even bought special computer wipeys the other day and gently cleaned it, whispering reassurances to its overheated, asthmatic face. Like many people, I too have formed a loving relationship with my computer. We've had times, let me tell you, like that time I 'jokingly' spilt some tea on it but it didn't get mad at me all and forgave me, only to then pay me back by deleting half of my music, ah, the prankster!
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways - One amazing Kraftwerk riff, 3 songs. Hang in there little buddy! It's not your time yet.

Glass Candy-Computer Love

Theophilus London-Computer Love

Kraftwek-Computer Love


  1. What a sweet story, GBG

  2. It's sooo hot and I'm pretty sure it's making me infertile. I am not holding it on my lap anymore! poor bastard.