Thursday, April 8

Digital killed the Radio Star

Have you heard the news on the radio? They're gonna end FM/AM transmissions and we will all have to buy a digital radio because of the new Digital Economy Act. This makes me sad because I love my radio as it is. When I was little, both my grandmas in Romania used to have this big hefty radio that took up an entire table and I remember being fascinated by it; at night when we listened to plays we turned the lights off and the lower part of it would shine green and I imagined there were special little radio people inside it who recreated the plays.It really was magic! I love my radio and it's mine and you can't have it Mr Nasty Government, you've done enough to upset me as it is! Tune off.

Steel Pulse-Rollerskates

Bruce Springsteen-Radio Nowhere

Bongwater-Great Radio

Royal Cash-Radio Activity

Red Dragon Band-Let me be your radio

L C Smith And His Southern Playboys-Radio Boogie

The Selecter-On my radio

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