Friday, April 2

Hallelujah! Haçienda

Indie kids have Woodstock, Club kids have the Haçienda, legendary fantasy gigs we wish we'd been around for. It's amazing how nostalgic we get for times we've never even experienced! Fantasies are always much better than the real deal. I imagine a lot of bad clothing and unattractive gurning must have gone on, this was late 80s Manchester afterall. Still, it lives in a Dayglo untouchable fantasy box in the head of anyone who loves to Dance. I've recently bought some excellent compilations off Amazon and thought I'd share some classics with you.May the spirit of the Hacienda be with you when you listen to these, and...Hallelujah!!!

Joyce Sims-All n all bassline

Gwen Guthrie- Seventh Heaven

Shannon-Let the music play

New Order-Ruined in a day

Candi Staton-You've got the love (live at Hacienda)

Amazon link if you want to buy


  1. When I did a dj course at Gateshead College, Candi Staton You've Got the love was one of the tunes I used to use for my mixing exams.

    Just thought I'd let yal know

  2. Interesting '!!', we are amused. Whers your residency at now again?