Monday, February 15

Teamwork (part I)

I once got a 'G' in music. A 'G'. Most teachers would take pity on you, and give you a 'D' if you did bad. Whenever we were put into groups to make music compositions I'd always get the crappy cow bell, or that fish instrument made of wood,you know the one, with the stick that would make the drrrrrrrrrrrrrrring noise, whilst my classmates would be going all Beethoven on the keyboard.
I don't think Ellen Alien or Apparat would have ever got the cowbell. They would have been those kids on the xylophone. The techno Berliners collaborated together in 2006 on the appropriately titled 'Orchestra of Bubbles', fusing together a whole load of experimental ravey fun.

Ellen Alien and Apparat -Do not break

Ellen Alien and Apparat - Jet

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