Thursday, February 11

Bye Bye Birdie - Ann Margret

Well ever since Elvis’ would be 75 birthday,I must admit I got a liiiiittle bit obssesed by bingeing on all the programmes shown on I-Player just before going to sleep at night, and I even started dreaming about him and explaining 'MEN' to all those unfortunate to listen by analysing Elvis and his love life.Well anyway, this post is NOT about Evis per se (though more of that to come), it's about his co-star from the film 'Viva Las Vegas', Miss Ann Margret. If you watch Mad Men,you will recognise this clip from the beginning of 'Bye Bye Birdie' where an infuriatingly adorable 'men's girl' Ann Margret sings the title song in a sugarific cutesy way, prompting Peggy Olson to jealously dismiss her as a 25 year old acting 14.
Anyway, here she is being cute as a button, and here is a great track sung with Elvis called 'You're the boss'.

Elvis and Ann Margret -You're the boss


  1. oh lord, still freshly etched after that episode of Mad Men... her voice has that truly American grate quality... argh!

    though, aesthetically, its really quite something

  2. yeah I woke up with it stuck in my head too! haha