Tuesday, February 2

Feelgood (part I) featuring: The Steve Miller Band

Despite the fact I don't play any instruments, nor am I blessed with a particularly good singing voice (although I did make it to round 2 of auditions for the National Romanian Children's Radio choir ) I often play the 'If I was a band, what songs would I cover' game. Well, Steve Miller's 'Serenade' would most definately be one.
In fact, I belt it out walking home, (on that last stretch where there's no one on the road but tucked inside houses behind double glazed windows) pretending to be said band, surprising my crowd at the encore with'Serenade' to their adulatory screams and shouts!

The Steve Miller Band-Serenade

And here's 'Abracadabra' too, because I'm in that kind of mood! A-BRA-CA-DA-BRA...I wanna reach out and grab YA!!

The Steve Miller Band-Abracadabra

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