Friday, February 5

A continuing love affair : Hot Chip, One Life Stand

Hot Chip is one of those bands I have loved since the very start and I look forward to anything they do with real anticipation. Back when I first heard Down with Prince in 2004 they sounded like nobody else, and just open your ears to what's out there now and you will easily recognise many Hot Chips-isms whether in the subtle electronics or smooth vocal melodies of younger contenders. But they did it first, and they did it best.
I mean, how can you not love them? They even look like lovable cartoons. I feel like gathering them into one of those snow paperweights which you can wind up to play music and wind it up till my arms hurts really bad.
Sure, on first listens this album doesn't seem as strong as the last one, but I reckon it's a grower. And anyway, listen to 'I feel better', and mind it doesn't leap out and grab you by the jugular, pinning you against the wall with its epic orchestra and heart breaking vocals. I've been sequestrated by it ever since.

Hot Chip-I feel better

Hot Chip-We have love

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