Friday, February 26

"Call me Tweedy" (Mix for the cheated)

Poor Chezza! The hurt of a broken down marriage must be bad enough, but what's worse are those photos of her at the beginning of their relationship where she was a big fat (but happy) Chav that are cropping up everywhere in those morbid glossy mag love timelines.
Step away from the piles of Heats,Nows and Mores and listen to this playlist instead whilst you wash that man out of your hair!
One thing is certain: there's nothing like a 3 minute pop song for a more perfect expression of the self.

First she be hearin' on the grapevine...

Gregory Isaacs-Rumours

That he be a womaniser...

Feist & Gonzales-Shameless Eyes

She be doubtin some signs...

Connie Francis-Lipstick on your collar

The Sex Txt Pest be a cheat all along...

Hank Williams-Your cheatin' heart

Well now, she gon'kill him...

Syren-Somebody come get me

She gon' stop cryin' her heart out,he a good for nothin...

Toni Braxton-He wasn't man enough

He gon' be sorry not her...

13th Floor Elevators-You gonna miss me

On her own but she gon' be fine....

Blur-On my own

Plenty more fish!

France Joli-Gonna get over you


  1. If only Chezza had such good taste in men as this mix has in music! But I think she learnt her lesson now...who's next - Tess Daly?

  2. I've been thinking about this and I nominate Wayne Bridge, he seems like a thoroughly nice chap and genuinely affected by that tosser, look at him comforting whom he thought his'friend':