Friday, February 19

Skweee Like You Mean It

Imagine Dubstep having a nightmare, thinking it's stuck in Disneyland on one of those never ending rides with the singing and dancing dolls that everyone goes on cause there's never any ques for them.It wakes up in a sweat, squealing with horror, or rather Skweeeeing with horror to be more pun-precise and there you have it - the button pressing, 'you've reached Level 8' kind of sound, new from Scandinavia - Skweeee.
It's making its way over to London faster than a European student on a weekend bender and a cheap flight, and it's carrying weird and jokey luggage that it's packed itself.
I tried reading up on it, but no fancy research can put it better than your average,crass one line You Tuber :

"Sounds like somebody raped a gameboy"

Enjoy, Skweeeeee!

Eero Johannes-We could be Skweeroes

Randy Barracuda-Skweeee like a Pig

Hudson Mohawke-Fuse

Kotchy-Sing what you want (Rusko's Skweee Remix)

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