Friday, February 12

Play: featuring Matias Aguayo

Matias Aguayo is a joker. I bet he was one of those fidgety kids when he was small, who'd always be pinching your bum, and breaking pencil cases and stuff. You can tell by listening to his playful album 'Ay Ay Ay', which came out last year on the brilliant Kompakt records, of which he is an essential member . He takes techno music and injects it with some much needed humour, sillyness and fun. It's all one big carnival and seeing Matias hails from Chile, grew up in Cologne and now lives between Buenos Aires and Paris, it's no surprise you can hear all the cultural influences in his trippy, happy music. Ole!

Matias Aguayo-Rolleskate

Matias Aguayo-Ay Shit

Matias Aguayo-Menta Latte

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